Clouds Atlas

Original Title:

Nuvolario. Atlante delle nuvole










ISBN: 978-88-94811-88-9

80 pages

22 x 29 cm - 22,90€

Clouds Atlasclouds atlasclouds atlas


The first illustrated atlas to discover the wonderful world of clouds

What cloud could it be, this one passing over your head right now? Yes, even clouds have their own names and belong to categories… When you look at a cloud, what comes to your mind?

This book takes you into the wonderful world of the sky. A nose-up journey to discover scientific facts about clouds, their nature, composition and classification; but also the many ways in which they have always been able to fascinate humanity becoming protagonists of art, photography, literature, music…Thanks to this book you can fantasize, play or relax looking at the sky, but also learn to identify and classify the clouds to understand their signals and foresee, like meteorologists, the arrival of rains, thunderstorms… or clear skies!


Awards and selections:

Italian Andersen Prize 2021 – shortlisted, popularization category

Written in collaboration with Centro Geofisico Prealpino


Rights sold: French, Korean, simplified Chinese, Bulgarian, English (ANZ only) and Russian languages

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