Wave Atlas. The movements of the sea

Original Title:

Ondario. i Movimenti del Mare










ISBN: 979-12-5958-055-9

80 pages

22 x 29 cm - 22,90€

Wave AtlasWave AtlasWave Atlas


The first illustrated atlas to discover the wonderful world of waves

The movement of the seas is constant and, at first sight, it is indefinite. But in the story of meteorology there are people who have faced the impossible: classifying waves, recognizing currents, studying tides. The wave motion is the driving force that raises the ingenuousness of navigators and meteorologists, but also the creativity of artists who classify waves and have carried out works of unfathomable depth.

From the mechanisms that control the movements of the sea to the steps of the state of the sea of the Douglas scale, focusing on novels and architectural projects, graphic novels and music: because moderate waters have always crashed into our imagination.


Awards and selections:

Premio luigi malerba per l’albo illustrato 2023 – shortlisted italian IBBY honour list 2023 – selected

⭐ Written in collaboration with Centro del Mare, University of Genova

⭐ White Ravens List 2023


Rights sold: Korean, simplified Chinese, Bulgarian, Czech, Russian and English (ANZ only) languages

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