Crossing the river

Original Title:

Il étais une fois... la traversée


HongFei Cultures








ISBN: 978-2-35558-125-0

40 pages

18 x 31 - 13,50€

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In the jungle, an elephant sets out to cross the river. Two tigers ask him to take them on his back. They are followed by three monkeys, a mongoose family, a cobra and finally a wounded parrot. Everyone’s ready. Go ! Just then a spider drops himself on the head of the parrot. He doesn’t know what he is doing : he is making the elephant lose balance and the whole pile of animals tilts, and tilts… and PLOUF ! all fall into the water except the spider who falls on the other side of the river. Very quickly he spins a web to pull the animals on the bank. And all celebrate the elephant for his generosity!

Shortlisted: The Incorruptibles Prize 2018/2019 (category 3-6 years)


Simplified & Complex Chinese rights sold, all other rights available



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