Gilbert, Fearless Sea Cloud

Original Title:

Gilbert, intrépide nuage de mer


Belin Jeunesse








ISBN: 978-2701-176345

40 pages

18,5 x 30,5 cm - 12,90€

GILBERT couv1 Syllabes GILBERT image2 Syllabes copie  GILBERT image1 Syllabes copie 

Gilbert is a happy cloud. Surrounded by friends and seagulls he lives a quite life on a seaside. Until one day he faces a strange black cloud. Curious, he sets out in pursuit of this funny creature who weaves away quickly. And suddenly… Gilbert is captured! In two times, he finds himself on a salesman’s shelf sent across the world to a rich collector. In the big city, Gilbert is a sensation. This natural sea cloud raised outdoors is a rarity that must be preserved! But in the big city, one curiosity chases away the next one, and poor Gilbert ends up abandoned on the pavement. It is with the help of a little bare feet boy that Gilbert finds freedom and his role of a little cloud – to make rain and beautiful weather.


Korean and simplified Chinese language rights sold

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