Liquorice on roller skates

Original Title:

Liquirizie sui pattini a rotelle










ISBN: 979-12-5958-189-1

32 pages

21 x 27 - 16,90€


A delicate winter love story.

Milla is very happy to work in the oldest liquorice shop in town: it is a real institution and with its many different liquorices and candies it is able to satisfy every customer. Milla only wishes she had more time to get to know the stories of all the

customers she talks to every day, so she decides to innovate: she will use roller skates to serve customers! So, in what is now also the most innovative shop in town, day after day, saxophonist Ugo always seems to have a very good reason to stop by and buy something… is he maybe in love with Milla? Even on Christmas Eve Milla doesn’t get any rest, but finally on the morning of the 25th she can relax by skating in the park…

A beautiful and delicate story with animal characters bring us all the magic of winter cozyness among liquorice scent and jazz notes… and the birth of a love.


Publication: Fall 2024

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