Me my shadow

Original Title:

Moi, mon ombre


L’Étagère du bas








ISBN: 978-2-490253-11-1

56 pages

18,5 x 28,5 - 16€

Me my shadow Me my shadowMe my shadow

A day in the life of an unusual duo – a mischievous boy and his shadow. I bring my shadow to school; sometimes at midday, it escapes. I spend the afternoon waiting, but it always comes back to me… The story unfolds from morning until evening, punctuated by big questions about shadows… Does my shadow weigh the same as me? Does it have a shadow too?

Key words: shadow, twin, game, half, dream/reality

Strong points:

-Midway between a beautiful picture book for children and a graphic art book.

-A short text written in the first person, which discuss the topic of the shadow, in a philosophic and poetic way.

-A stated drawing style that offers strong, aesthetic, and elegant illustrations printed as a spot color.

Rights sold to simplified Chinese

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