Metal. From the heart of the Earth to the human civilization

Original Title:

Metallo. Dal cuore della Terra alla civiltà umana










ISBN: 979-12-5958-084-9

88 pages

22,5 x 27,5 cm - 24,90€



Discover the enchanting world of metals

Precious or common, magical or useful, sacred or of everyday use, metals have accompanied us throughout history to the present day. But it took a long time for men to develop the knowledge and technology needed to extract metals from ores, and to process them, allowing civilisation to progress and evolve.

This book tells about the most important metals, their history, characteristics, uses and properties.
From ancient to modern metals, passing through the precious metals and arriving to future ones: a journey to the heart of the Earth. After a general introduction on metals, the periodic element’s table, and metallurgy, each metal is presented with a short “identity card” and is then told enlighting its origins, uses, related technologies and geoghraphy, its history and future.



Awards and selections:

Bettoni prize for picture book 2023: special mention for popularization picture book

Piccolo Galileo Prize 2023 – Junior Category, shortlisted



Rights sold: simplified Chinese, Russian languages

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