Oh! Colette

Original Title:

Oh! Colette









Board book

ISBN: 978-2-35558-192-2

24 pages

15 x 16 cm - 9,90€

Oh coletteOh coletteOh colette

Like a basket of vitamin-packed fruits and vegetables, this boardbook will give ideas at home! In this board book, everything is simple: on each white spread, the silhouette of a fruit or vegetable in two different states (whole/cut, planted/unplanted, single/ multiple) is displayed. To accompany the black and white linocuts by Catherine Louis, we just read the name of the represented plant and a word indicating its color, written in this same color. Beyond a small inventory of shapes and colors, «Oh! Colette» features Colette, a mischievous little girl who, when she finally appears, knows how to be very creative with all these fruits and vegetables as soon as they are within her reach and especially when they are on her plate.


Illustration technique: linocut and colored ink

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