Shall we see the sea

Original Title:

Allons voir la mer










ISBN: 978-2-35558-205-9

40 pages

18 x 25 cm - 15,90€

allons voir la mer_moriShall we see the seaShall we see the sea


Today the sun is mild and the birds are singing. It feels very light. A child, seen from the back, is drawing at his work table. A mouse is savouring this good moment out loud. His friend the bear is thinking about the sea, a place of peace and quiet par excellence. So why not go there? What a good idea! Don’t you know the way? It doesn’t matter! An elephant will help us! Traffic? It doesn’t matter! A big black cat will do the trick! Wind and rain? It doesn’t matter! Hunger and fatigue? It doesn’t matter! In short, along the way, the two companions will arrive at the edge of a sea… drawn by the child who is now dozing at his desk, with a black cat, a drawing of an elephant and, of course, a mouse and a teddy bear on it.


Spirit of the book

It is hard to resist the carefree impulse that presides over the charming story told here. With these characters, everything seems so obvious and easy. For them, as long as you dream about it, no destiny is so far away as to remain out of reach. Thanks to his childhood soul, which he has managed to preserve and which guides his way of telling stories Mori hits the nail on the head and invites little readers to embrace an enthusiastic philosophy of life.


Rights sold: traditional Chinese, Korean languages

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