Solo Dance. Solitary and wild bees

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Solo Dance. Api solitarie e api selvatiche


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ISBN: 979-12-81330-00-9

40 pages

23,5 x 29,5 cm - 24€

Solo danceSolo danceSolo dance

Pollinators are of inestimable importance to our environment, ecosystems and agriculture. Solo Dance tells about a little-known, yet in the public eye, family of pollinators: wild bees. Cousins of the much-talked-about domestic bees, these insects are everywhere and even reach where humans with their hives do not. 30,000 species worldwide, nearly 1,000 in Italy alone. 

“Solo Dances, Solitary and Wild Bees” is an informative book that, with scientific rigor, takes the reader through the life and habits of these insects. The first part of the book introduces the main topics common to all wild bees: where they live, how they feed, how they reproduce, and how to help them. In the second part, 15 species of bees are presented in detail, each with an illustrated card full of data and information. There is also an overview, allowing comparison of the different species, and a glossary.Great care has been taken to ensure the scientific accuracy of the text and illustrations. The style of the iconographic apparatus is clean and precise but also colorful and eye-catching and captures the reader’s attention right from the cover.


Illustrations by Valentina Gottardi

Texts by Danio Miserocchi and Maciej Michno

Scientific supervision by Danio Miserocchi

language: Italian

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