The Dragon Prince

Original Title:

Le Prince Dragon


Belin Jeunesse








ISBN: 978-2701176376

32 pages

28 x 35 cm - 14,90€

PRINCE DRAGON couv1 Syllabes  PRINCE DRAGON image1 Syllabes  

At a time when dragons roamed the earth, there lived a king and a queen who loved each other dearly. But the queen could not conceive. One day, near the forest, she told an old woman of her great sadness. The woman replied, “Eat onions, but make sure you skin them.” Back at the castle, the queen immediately put the advice into practice but, in her haste, she ate the first onion without skinning it. Nevertheless, life moved within her and, several months later, she gave birth. But what appeared from her stomach was a monster that resembled a dragon! She was aghast and threw the horrible creature out of the window. Then her birth pains came again and a pretty pink child was born to her – a boy. She never told the king what had happened that day. Instead she joyfully raised the boy who grew up in perfect health. But when he was of marriageable age he went off into the forest in search of a bride. Lying in wait for him was his brother, the Dragon Prince…

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