The Prince of Egypt

Original Title:

Le prince d'Egypte


Belin Jeunesse








ISBN: 978-2-410-00844-9

32 pages

26 x 32,5 cm - 15,90€

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Will the Prince of Egypt break the three curses cast upon him? A cruel fate awaits the Prince of Egypt: he is cursed to die either by snake, crocodile or dog. To protect his son, the Pharaoh builds a palace in the desert, far from the dangers of the outside world. The little boy grows into a young man who dreams of adventure. With a heavy heart, his father lets him leave. Finally free, the prince sets out on his travels. And fortune smiles upon him: he successfully liberates the beautiful princess from the Kingdom of Naharîn. His days pass happily, but his nights are plagued by terrible dreams. One day, the prince reveals his awful secret to his wife. The magical princess promises to save the prince from the three curses that follow him everywhere he goes…


Italian rights sold

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