The potter’s wife

Original Title:

La femme du potier










ISBN: 978-2-35558-153-3

44 pages

18,5 x 26 cm - 14,50€

HONGFEI_POTIER_COUV-provisoire 182x226HONGFEI_POTIER_INT-4-non-definitive2HONGFEI_POTIER_INT-10-non-definitive

The wife of a potter, who learned his craft from a great artist, watches him work every day. She is moved and impressed by his gestures. One day, when her husband is off accepting an award, she goes into his studio and feverishly begins working a block of clay. She returns often in secret until one day her husband and an art dealer surprise her with her work. None of the rules of art have been respected. Silently, the dealer takes a look around and then leaves. Soon enough, people start visiting her in the studio and talking about her. She owes everything to her husband, she says. They congratulate the husband and praise the artist. One day, when she receives an award, the potter goes back to his studio and destroys all of his own work. He is the husband of the ceramist now.

The author Kuro Jiki is also known as Thierry Dedieu. 


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