The Taste of mirabelle plums

Original Title:

Le Goût des mirabelles


L’Étagère du bas








ISBN: 978-2-490253-49-4

40 pages

17 x 23 - 13,50€

The Taste of mirabelle plumsThe Taste of mirabelle plumsThe Taste of mirabelle plums

One winter morning, at dawn, a shrub is born. Young Gabriel potted a few pits, before replanting the young sprout in the spring. Seasons pass by, the tree becomes bigger and welcomes different generations who come to its feet to enjoy its juicy fruits. And even when Gabriel leaves his barky friend, life continues its cycle, like the mirabelle plums that grow each summer at the end of its branches…


Strong points:

-A creative way to represent the cycle of life: the story is told by a tree.

-The words are poetic and wise like nature, they are carried by luminous and soft drawings.

-A touching book about family and ties woven over time.


Key words: tree, family, nature, cycle, love


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