Things to tell to each other

Original Title:


HongFei Cultures








ISBN: 978-2-35558-189-2

32 pages

20 x 31 cm - 13,90€


An album full of philosophy for the little ones. In the garden, a bee covered with pollen flies from flower to flower without thinking of having a rest. Meanwhile, a snail climbs up a stem without thinking of hurrying. At the end of the day, the bee returns home. A lonely flower greets the snail: «Good evening snail! And good night. I had so many things to say to the bee and you are so late…» Certainly, nothing prevents time from passing but, deeply moved, the snail invites the flower to speak to him: he will retain his sweet words and transmit them to the bee, tomorrow. An experience of time told with simplicity and efficiency in a small story featuring a flower, a bee and a snail. Time passes, but it doesn’t take away everything in its path. The ability to be moved by beauty and to act as a faithful messenger is a treasure that empowers.

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