Garden Green

Original Title:

Vert Jardin


Le Diplodocus







Board book

ISBN: n/a

36 pages

17 x 17 cm - 11,90€

Vert jardinVert jardinVert jardin



3, 2, 1: Let’s go to the orchard to pick grapes, and to the garden to collect fruit and vegetables for lunch.

During a walk in the garden, this fun and interactive picture book accompanies the youngest children in their discovery of nature. Find the four-leaf clover, shake the book to make the apples fall and watch out for the nettles: they bite!

Clémence Sabbagh offers us a poetic walk that invites initiative and the discovery of everything green in nature. This third volume of the Garden colors (Couleurs jardin) trilogy plunges us into the spontaneous universe of Flora Descamps, all in shades of green.

And to continue the discovery, a recipe adapted to young children is proposed at the end of the book.

From the book to the plate, via the garden, Garden Colors is a trilogy to be savoured.

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