Orange Garden

Original Title:

Orange Jardin


Le Diplodocus








ISBN: 979-10-94908-37-2

32 pages

17 x 17 cm - 12,50€

Who’s the little gourmand who’s been devouring persimmons and carrots? Look, he’s left his footprints on the ground. Follow his footprints with your fingers, looking for and finding the remains of his meal. Here he is! Have you seen him? It’s the squirrel. Follow him to his nest. You can help him clean up in the morning and hide his food in the ground.

Through an interactive investigation, Clémence Sabbagh introduces children to this discreet and cute animal. They can also play with the orange plants and animals in the garden, learning their names and recognizing their sounds. This fifth volume in the Couleurs jardin series tackles a new aspect of nature: the life of a small mammal. And to continue the discovery, an activity adapted for toddlers is proposed at the end of the book. Garden Color (Couleur jardin), a series that celebrates biodiversity in the garden in all its colors.


Available in the same series: Brown Garden, Red garden, Blue Garden, Green Garden, Orange Garden


Publication: October 2023


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