Such a Tiny King

Original Title:

Le si petit roi










ISBN: 978-2355581595

48 pages

15 x 28 - 14,90€

petit roipetit roipetit roi

“Living the Moment” – a little lesson in wisdom for children about time and the experience of life.
One day, a great and very wise king died. His son will succeed him of course, but he is so young! He dispatched his advisors to bring back all the knowledge in the world. Ten years later, they did bring back so many things! The little king would never have time to see all this! He had to get a life too… “Bring me a synthesis”, he asked. After 10 years, he was presented with many books. “But how do I find the time to read all this?” He was supposed to govern too, wasn’t he?… Another 10 years and it all was shrunk into only one encyclopaedia. But the little king would never have time to learn all this! He had to enjoy his family too… He needed one simple sentence. 10 more years elapsed; the little king, now old, was presented with these few words: “Live the moment”. Then the king smiled and died quietly. Her daughter succeeded him, but she felt so young…


Chronos Vacances 2020 Award


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