Aby’s explorations

Original Title:

Les explorations d’Aby










ISBN: 9782350671857

36 pages

30 x 22,5 cm - 15€



A journey to discover the wonders of the ocean! Aby is very curious. She loves to discover new worlds, to explore mysterious lands, to venture into the unknown. She is always excited to meet new creatures and chose to become an explorer at a young age. And her favorite thing to do is scuba dive. Aboard her submarine Nessy, she discovers fantastic landscapes, from fine sandy beaches to the dark and disturbing corners of the abyss. And when she finds the perfect spot, she puts on her diving suit and gets out of her ship to immerse herself in this universe where everything seems to fly. Come with her!

A majestic first album by a young illustrator working in linocut, giving this book an original and majestic universe. Children and their parents will be able, like Aby, to walk on the seabed in extraordinary landscapes to discover marine creatures, in the calm and serenity of the ocean.


represented by exclusive agents in Korea, China, Italy and Spain

Rights sold: world English



Winner of the Illustrators’ Exhibition by Bologna Children’s Book Fair, 2018

BRAW Amazing Bookshelf Opera Prima (20 of the best debut works), Bologna Children’s Book Fair, 2023

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