At Nonna’s Workshop

Original Title:

Chez Nonna










ISBN: 979-10-932665-4-1

40 pages

25 x 18 - 16€



Nonna looks after her grandson in her engraving studio where she lives. The old lady is not always easy to get along with. One day, she pays so little attention to her young guest that she accidentally flattens him in her press! He emerges as thin as a sheet of paper. Together, they try everything to make him three- dimensional again and restore the bond between them.

Will the little boy find his place in Nonna’s workshop and in her heart?


Key points

– A text with an original, humorous tone that tackles the question of the family bond and its construction. – The story is told from a child’s point of view, allowing young readers to identify with the situation.

– Soft yet precise ink and watercolor illustrations introduce the reader to the art of engraving.

– An engraving activity at the end of the book to encourage children’s creativity.


Esther Bacot (author & illustrator):

This former engineer lives in Paris, where she is now pursuing a career as a designer and illustrator. Through her books, she offers children the keys to understanding the world and building their own future. Working in traditional techniques, such as ink and watercolor, she likes to set her stories in refined worlds where she gives life to endearing characters.


Publication: September 2023

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