Bookstores Around The World

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Bookstores Around The World










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64 pages

24,5 x 34 cm - €


Bookstores Around The World by Maria Ivashkina (text and illustrations)


A bookstore is a place where you feel a sense of wonder. It’s also a place where you come to meet yourself and at the same time travel to other worlds.
With this book join the author on a journey to the most amazing bookstores around the world. We’ll visit bookstores inside a train station and a cathedral, a floating bookstore and a bookstore the size of a whole neighborhood, the oldest bookstore and the bookstore that only sells one book, first outdoor bookstore and the bookstore you can live in.
All of them keep memories they’re ready to share with you. After all, a bookstore is also a place where the most amazing stories happen (just like in the books).


The book will contain 24 bookstores. For 6 of them (Argentina, USA, Portugal, France, UK, Russia) more detailed historical spreads will be available. On these pages, we’ll learn something about the whole country and its history, not only the particular bookstore. For each of the remaining stores, there will be a spread with a big illustration expressing the spirit of the bookstore and its particularities.


Rights sold: Korean, simplified Chinese languages

Files ready: mid-September 2023


About the author:

Maria Ivashkina is an author, editorial designer and illustrator. Having a degree in architecture, she realised that she wants to work with the architecture of books and proceeded her studies in editorial design. In 2020, she opened her own children’s publishing house Milebooks, and a year later published her first book — Komorebi, Sobremesa, Gezellig.

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