Original Title:



L’Étagère du bas








ISBN: 978-2-490253-15-9

48 pages

22,5 x 31,5 - 15€



Capricious is a rather bad-mannered little girl, who finds herself parachuted into a world of forest animals and insects. When she hurts her foot, this bossy, impatient and adventurous child, is forced to slow down and move around on a tortoise’s back. A gentle pace that allows her to truly observe her surroundings, and discover the forest plants and animals… The beginning of a big adventure!



-Prix Graines de lecteurs 2021


Rights sold:  complex and simplified Chinese language


Selected reviews: 

“Béatrice Fontanel gives us the gift of a philosophical fable about the value of contemplation, but also of a certain meditative wisdom in the face of obstacles. […] Aesthetically, the album is simply stunning. Lucile Placin mixes techniques and plays with colors and motifs, as the little girl evolves in a dreamlike natural setting, with generous, flamboyant motifs bursting from every page. A praise of slowness, with a magnificently written text, a masterpiece to be discovered without delay!”



“With Capricious, publisher L’Étagère du bas presents a veritable work of art. Capricious is a kid as big as a dragonfly who literally falls in the middle of a dense forest. The pages, in a size well suited to the impression of gigantic proportions, are bursting with shapes and colors to realistically describe birds, insects, large and small mammals, amphibians and reptiles, trees, flowers, ferns and mushrooms. A world to be read like an image, where discoveries are revealed at every turn of the page.”
-Le Ligueur

“This album is a beautiful eulogy of slowness, with an appeal to epicureanism, and offers an original way of showing the importance of respect and tolerance. Béatrice Fontanel’s text is in perfect balance with the illustrations: a rhythmic read with a touch of humor, and illustrations with fine detail offering an aesthetic immersion in sumptuous settings.”
-Com J

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