China, everyday life

Original Title:

Chine. Scènes des la vie quotidienne










ISBN: 978-2355580833

104 pages

24 х 24 cm - 21,90€


We leaf through this beautiful book as one walks the streets of a city where China’s vastness is home to lives led by men. At a time when one seeks to know and understand this fascinating and disturbing world power, the author invites us to dive into the daily lives of its inhabitants. Thus he traces in his sketchbooks, throughout his travels and encounters, a multi-faceted portrait of a diverse China. Uncompromising and without judgment, brillant with humor and respect, he seized the unexpected, the hubbub and the wonders of a society where tradition is imbedded in the hyper-modernity. Forty drawings are organized according to different themes : traveling, eating, in the street, a little bit of idleness, and «for life». At the end of the story are an expressive map of the country and a glossary of some words commonly crossed by travelers in China.


Pépite Documentaire award (SLPJ, Montreuil, France)

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