Draw me

Original Title:



Le Diplodocus








ISBN: 979-10-94908-34-1

40 pages

19 x 21 cm - 13,50€

Draw meDraw meDraw me


– Please, can you draw me an insect?

An anonymous voice asks a little boy who is drawing. But it is too difficult for the child to draw a single insect, as there is an almost infinite variety. So, could he draw a shell instead? But no, once again, that’s impossible: there are more than a hundred thousand different ones, and, what’s more, their colour changes in the water! Every time you ask, you get the same answer: there are too many different ones. And so, we learn that there are countless breeds of dogs, types of roses, red fruits, etc. It’s hard to believe that this child is making an effort to understand! So finally, what about girls? Are there also an infinite number of them? Even when you have a model in front of you?

A sweet and subtle picture book to celebrate diversity in all its forms.


Milvia, author from Italy who has already published two novels in Italian.


Simji Park, Korean illustrator who currently lives in the Netherlands. Draw me is her first picture book.


Selected reviews:

“Unlike image books, which tend to simplify things into broad, generic categories, this album, with its soft, delicate illustrations, captures the infinite variety of the world around us.”

Super Chouette (blog)


“Our favorite children’s book of the moment!
A little picture book that promotes biodiversity and ends with a pretty feminist message.”

Librairie L’Oiseau-Vigie (bookstore)

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