Island hopping in the Baltic

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Baltique, à pied d'île en île


HongFei Cultures








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88 pages

34 x 17,6 cm - 23€

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From Germany to Sweden with a stop in Denmark along the way, from the historic city of Lübeck to Öland, “the island of sun and wind,” Nicolas Jolivot journeys by foot across landscapes with a calm, muffled and steady appearance, but which safeguard all of nature’s most secret nuances, and an incredibly diversity of populations due to centuries of travel across these lands.

Over the course of his slow journey, with a notebook, pencil, tent, “ridiculous” bucket hat and Wilson the backpack as his only baggage, the notebooker invites us to discover this little-known European territory.

Written by the author of Japan on foot, by the volcanoes, winner of the Grand Prix of the Fondation d’Entreprise Michelin in 2018, the leading French literary award for travel diaries.



Danish and simplified Chinese language rights sold


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