The captamed fox

Original Title:

Le renard emprivoisé


Le Grand Jardin








ISBN: 979-10-96688-29-6

36 pages

24 x 32 - 16€

renard essai couvrenardrenard

The captamed fox is a story of a young female fox saved by a nature lover who rescues her, takes care of her and tames her with lots of love. But Gaïa is always on a lookout of what’s outside, of the sounds of nature that are so close and dreams of returning back to the forest. She appreciates this human to whom she got used to but she can’t understand why she is not allowed to go back to nature that is calling her. One day she manages to escape and becomes wild and free animal again. After a while, Virgile comes across her in the forest. She is surrounded by three cubs. Virgile takes a photo. It is the most beautiful photo he has ever taken, the photo of freedom. Virgile and Gaïa finally understand each other. A strong friendship unites them forever.


NB: cover and illustrations are not final

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