Little Worlds

Original Title:

Petits Mondes









Board book

ISBN: 978-2-35558-204-2

24 pages

18 x 18 cm - 12,90€



Little Worlds is like a little poem full of images that give rise to others when you turn the pages. With this board book with die-cuts, where the words are light, the colours are joyful and the objects are focused on, the little ones will be amused to see one thing revealing another. Surprise guaranteed! Here, rabbit ears turn into leaves in the branches; there, a cat’s nose becomes a flower in a garden. Ears, a nose? Yes, to hear the wind, smell the perfumes. Then a mouth of a frog to taste the delights, the eyes of an owl to discover the night, and even the hand of a child to caress the bark of a tree. In other words… five senses like so many little worlds that a loving heart embraces all together as it grows.


Three print runs (8,000 copies)

A new title (Little Wonders) to be published in March 2024


Rights sold: simplified Chinese and Italian languages



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