Little Worlds

Original Title:

Petits Mondes


HongFei Cultures







Board book

ISBN: 978-2-35558-204-2

24 pages

18 x 18 cm - 12,90€



Little Worlds is like a little poem full of images that give rise to others when you turn the pages. With this cardboard book with cut-outs, where the words are light, the colours are joyful and the shots are close-up, the little ones will be amused to see one thing reveal another. Surprise guaranteed! Here, rabbit ears turn into leaves in the branches; there, a cat’s nose becomes a in a garden. Ears, a nose? Yes, to hear the wind, smell the perfumes. Then a mouth of a frog to taste the delights, the eyes of an owl to guess the night, and even the hand of a child to caress the bark of a tree. In other words… five senses like so many little worlds that a loving heart embraces all together as it grows.



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