Lumen. Who hid the stars?

Original Title:

Lumen. Chi ha nascosto le stelle?


Cocai Books








ISBN: 979-12-81330-06-1

40 pages

23,5 x 29,5 - 24€



Light pollution is a topic that is often approached from the perspective of energy conservation or astronomy. The effect that artificial light has on the nature around us is rarely considered, yet our cities and surrounding areas are inhabited by many animal and plant species.

“Lumen” is about nature in the city illuminated at night. Which species benefit from the lights? Which ones have adapted to this situation? Which ones are harmed by it? Page after page we will discover how birds, small mammals, moths, fireflies, bats, spiders, plants, water creatures and more have adapted.

Like the other illustrated books by Cocai, Lumen is a nature-themed science popularization book for young readers. Great attention has been given to the accuracy of the text and images. The volume is complemented by a glossary and an in-depth bibliography that will be made available on the book’s website.


Key words: nature, city, biodiversity, scientific divulgation


Rights sold: German, Turkish, Slovenian, simplified Chinese and world English languages languages


Danio Miserocchi (author) is a naturalist and teacher. He collaborates with numerous museums and local institutions and has always cultivated and enhanced biodiversity by conducting research and popularization activities, especially about the neglected species of fauna and flora living in our environments. His work alternates between popularization and research, with field trips and consultations, to “get his hands dirty” and keep a direct line with Nature.


Maciej Michno (author) obtained a specialist degree in computer science from the University of Trento in 2006 and is editor and administrative and management manager at Cocai Books. He has always been passionate about writing, translating, editing, proofreading and all the technical aspects of running a publishing house. He speaks four languages and has a great passion for human factors and for communicating science and technology through text and images.


Valentina Gottardi (illustrator) graduated in Architecture and Visual Arts. Since childhood she has cultivated his two great passions: nature and drawing. Over the years she attended numerous specialization courses and experimented with different artistic techniques, creating her own style made of ballpoint pen, acrylics and tablets. At Cocai Books she deals with the conception and management of all projects, artistic direction and illustration.

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