Mamayou (These humans are crazy!)

Original Title:

Mamayou (Ils sont fous ces humains !)


Le Grand Jardin








ISBN: 979-10-96688-37-1

48 pages

24x30 cm - 15,50€



Discover daily life from a cat’s point of view. You’ll see that it’s not all relaxing, because humans can sometimes behave strangely…

Mamayou shows the cohabitation between man and animal from the point of view of a cat and the terrors that his activities can inspire!



1 – Mamayou is a cat who lives quietly with his human. But Saturday is the day of the big upheaval: the human moves the furniture and brings out… “The Beast”. The dreadful beast that makes a terrible noise and sucks up everything in its path…

2 – Mamayou is happy, everything is back to normal, except for a small wound on his paw that he can hardly feel. His human then decides to trap him in a cage and take him to the “witch”…


This comic book offers an emotional approach which allows:

 – to take a look at what animals can perceive from our actions and habits which seem harmless to us but which can be a source of terror for them,

– and, we hope, to inspire more respect for animals!


Rights sold: Russian language


Selected reviews: 

Mamayou has become a favorite album of Gérard Collard, who reviewed it in his column on France 5’s Journal de la santé.

The columnist and bookseller says he “fell in love with Mamayou”!


“Far from being restricted to a young audience, the two adventures presented here, “The Beast” and “The Witch”, are an opportunity to share the pleasure of reading and laughing, while discovering the outraged faces and big teary eyes of the one who remains like a kitten, both fragile and daring, fearful and spontaneous… <…> A success! »

-Véronique Cavallasca for Ricochet (Institut Suisse Jeunesse et Médias)


-“Anyone who has a cat will be delighted to find the mimics of our favorite animals! »




Marie Tibi (author)

Marie grew up in the North of France and now lives in Provence.

She learned to write with a pen and to read with Prévert’s poems and in 2012 a good fairy gave her the magic wand that opened the doors to children’s literature.

She has published more than fifty albums in various publishing houses and several of her books have won awards (Suzanne aux oiseaux and Le renard emprivoisé published by Le Grand Jardin).


Layla Benabid (illustrator)

Passionate about drawing since she was a little girl (she fell into the pot like Obelix), she launched her career in 2010, working on illustrations for different audiences. But publishing called her very quickly! Thus, she created, from the very beginning, as an author and illustrator, the Cartoons collection for Rêves Bleus – a children’s series featuring mainly animals, which are her favourite subject – then Dolly for ZTL, Les Cerveaux de la Ferme for La Plage.

After several publications as a children’s illustrator and illustrator of practical books, she turned to the world of comics for the general public in 2020.

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