Papa’s little truck

Original Title:

Le petit camion de papa










ISBN: 978-2-35558-180-9

40 pages

21 x 21 cm - 14,90€




Embark with a little girl and her dad for an exciting mini road trip. How she would love these wonderful moments to never end!

In this very simple text written in the 1st person, we follow a little girl who has left for the day with her daddy in his little truck. He is working. She lets herself be transported along the way and by their favorite songs on the radio. Her imagination wanders through the landscapes and the lyrics. How she wishes that this wonderful journey with Daddy would be endless.

Mori’s cheerful and colorful images show here and there outdated objects, like the trace of a memory. For this is how Mori always proceeds in creation: by passing through his memories, as in this case of a silent and loving relationship between a child and her father.


⭐ Selected for The Unpublished Picturebook Showcase 2020 by dPictus

⭐ Openbook prize 2021 (Taiwanese edition)


Rights sold: Korean, traditional Chinese, English (world) and Spanish (US, non-trade channel only) languages

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