Paratou, the bush umbrella

Original Title:

Paratou, un parapluie en brousse










ISBN: 979-10-93266-27-5

32 pages

32 x 22,5 cm - 13€

PARATOU-1CV 300paratou int1paratou int2



Sékou is the son of the chief of a small African village. One day he returns from the market with an unusual treasure that he shows everyone: an umbrella! But what on earth is its purpose?


Rights sold:

English (world) and Spanish (US only) language rights sold


Select reviews: 

⭐ This trek-like tale is a wonderful demonstration of the possibility of sharing and solidarity within a system. Last but not least, this story, illustrated with brightly colored collages, encourages readers to open up to a different world, offering them a different perspective.

– Edwine Elisa Jaomazava for Ricochet (Institut suisse Jeunesse et Médias)


⭐ “Reminiscent of Synthia Saint James’ artwork, the characters in this picture book have no facial features, but Traoré portrays them so expressively that they don’t need them; one can easily read joy, impatience, excitement, and welcome in their body language. <…> Culturally immersive, exquisitely illustrated, and endearingly playful, this French import should be as widely shared as the umbrella.

– Kirkus starred review of the American edition Paratou, the umbrella (May, 2021)


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