Playing with sounds

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ISBN: 978-88-94811-73-5

168 pages

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Playing with soundsPlaying with soundsPlaying with sounds


Music, nature and creative recycling: learn how to play and build your instruments

This is an updated new edition of the book published in 2000 for BMG Ricordi and owes its title to the homonymous method by Antonio Testa, who teaches children how to build their own musical instruments (over 60) with the creative recycling of natural materials and everyday objects, and then of course how to play them. Testa proposes a first approach to music and sounds thanks to the many cues for soundscapes and fairy tales, games and theatrical dramatizations. In addition to do-it-yourself and family activities, the book is of course also a fundamental tool for teachers and schools, and a great help to promote the harmonious development of children and young people thanks to the multidisciplinary work on music, body expression, creative research and recycling of materials. The new edition is enriched by a preface by Carlo Delfrati, one of the most famous Italian musicologists. It is also the author’s profile with his experience in different contexts (among his collaborations also juvenile prisons, psychiatric hospitals, institutions for deaf-mute students just to mention a few examples…) that deserve special attention.



Key selling points:

-original learning method
-60 instruments to build at home and to play

-creative recycling of natural and everyday use objects
-games, tales and theatrical dramatizations cues

-first approach to music and sounds world
-multidisciplinary activities / armonic development of personality and abilities

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