Saving Marie Curie’s treasure

Original Title:

Menace sur le trésor de Marie Curie


Le Pommier








ISBN: 978-2-7465-1270-2

288 pages

13.5x20 cm - 13€

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1914: Lucien and Suzanne meet Marie Curie and help protect her mysterious treasure!

Suzanne and her brother Lucien live in a small French village. One rainy day, they come across a strange truck bogged down in a ditch. They rush to help the passengers and meet an unusual woman named Marie Curie. The next day, Marie Curie is getting ready to leave when the Germans bomb the munitions factory. Lucien and Suzanne’s injured mother entrusts her two children to the famous scientist. During their trip to Paris over the next few days, the children will learn about Marie Curie’s life. Who is she? Why does she always wear black? And last but not least, what is hidden in the strange and very heavy briefcase?

simplified Chinese language rights sold

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