Stephen Hawking, the girl from Arkas and me

Original Title:

Stephen Hawking, la fille d'Arkas et moi


Le Pommier








ISBN: 978-2-7465-1728-8

276 pages

13.5x20 cm - 13€

74651728_Stephen-Hawking 300x300

An investigation and traps alongside Stephen Hawking, the famous scientist with an incredible destiny.

California in the early 2000s: Elliot is in a bad mood because his father is dragging him to an international research conference. He likes science fiction, sure, but going to a scientific conference is another story… When he meets Stephen Hawking and Danaé, a mysterious girl with a luminous white complexion who seems to be in contact with a ray of light, the conference heads in a whole new direction… An abduction, a holographic journey through the great expanse of space, crossing black holes, civilization in another spacetime dimension – this fictional story with plenty of twists and turns will help readers discover the main concepts developed by Stephen Hawking: black holes, quantum mechanics, general relativity, the structure of the universe and spacetime, along with more «general» questions: where do we come from, does the universe have a beginning or an end? etc.


Turkish and simplified Chinese language rights sold

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