Show yourself, mountain!

Original Title:

Montre-toi montagne !


Le Diplodocus








ISBN: 979-10-94908-30-3

48 pages

18,4 x 26,5 - 13,90€


Jana goes on vacation and, for the first time, she sees the mountain. Impatient, she spends the trip talking to her dog, asking questions to her parents or dreaming of this big rock as high as the clouds. But what a disappointment, as she got closer to the chalet, she discovered that the mountain was hidden in the mist. That night, Jana falls asleep worried and disappointed. Will she finally be able to see the mountain for real? David Wautier’s illustrations could almost do without text, so precise, evocative and simply magnificent are they. Until the final «wouaaah», we share Jana’s disappointment of not seeing this mountain, then to finally discover it, of all beauty. An album which gives desire to hike and to set off to meet the tops.


Shortlisted for: 

– Prix des jeunes lecteurs de Nanterre 2023

– La petite fureur 2024

– Jeunesse Danielle Grondein 2023

– Prix graines de lecteurs 2023 (82) 


Rights sold: Korean and English (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) languages 


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