Summer vacation

Original Title:

Vacances d'été










ISBN: 978-2-35558-155-7

36 pages

21 x 21 - 13,90€



It’s the end of the school year for the little girl and her black cat. Images capture the moment, like a photograph. Over this book’s double page spreads, we follow our two small protagonists through a multitude of summer vacation scenes, various locations, activities and outfit changes. But it’s the same thing every time: strike a pose, look straight ahead, stop moving, and then click… The moment is captured forever! Our young protagonists don’t exactly seem thrilled – they would certainly rather be splashing around, running or playing – but the person striving to keep these beautiful souvenirs of life feels much tenderness. 


Italian & simplified Chinese language rights sold

Winter vacation (volume 2) to be published in January 2024


Mori (author and illustrator)

Mori is a young artist who lives and works between Paris and Taipei (Taiwan). In his creations, he strives to represent the fleeting moments of life that constitute its substance. In 2019, HongFei published his first book as an author-illustrator Vacances d’été (Summer vacations). It is followed by La rivière (The River) in 2020 and Le petit camion de papa (Papa’s Little Truck) in 2021 (awarded as the best children’s book of the year in Taiwan in its Chinese language version). His illustrations have already been selected and awarded several major international prizes.


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