The Dancing of flames

Original Title:

La Danse des flammes


L’Étagère du bas








ISBN: 978-2-490253-33-3

40 pages

20 x 27 - 14€

The Dancing of flamesThe Dancing of flamesThe Dancing of flames

Ember, Wildfire and their daughter Flame live peacefully in the forrest. They are hiding a burning secret: during the nightly ritual, they dress the night with sparkles, lightning and will-o‘-the wisps… But careful, the villagers must’nt witness such a thing, because they fear fire. One day, Flame helps a little girl in the deep forrest. Will this warm and unexpected encounter be enough to break the ice between the two groups?


Strong points:

-A pictured book about friendship, acceptance, and differences, which emphasizes the stupidity of prejudices.

-The drawings create a magical world, where nature and fire both stand at the forefront.

-The readers can watch the delivery of knowledge and familial tradition, a great source of pride and happiness for the characters.


Key words:friendship, family, fire, magic, nature

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