The disappearance

Original Title:

La disparition










ISBN: 979-10-93266-56-5

40 pages

20 x 26 - 15€



Lemur swings from branch to branch in the jungle. Suddenly, the liana he’s holding fades and he falls to the ground.

Who’s that? It’s his friend Tiger. The jungle is gone! Together, the two friends set off in search of it.

Is that a trunk? No, it’s the elephants. Is that a leaf? No, it’s the monkeys. Will the animals manage to find their habitat?


Key points

-A question-and-answer structure keeps the reading flowing and the story entertaining. • Precise, delicate pencil illustrations make the absence of the jungle omnipresent.

-A picture book that metaphorically evokes the disappearance of ecosystems.

-A game of «search and find» that involves the reader.


Claire Hannicq (author & illustrator):

Claire Hannicq is a visual artist based in the Vosges between Épinal and Colmart. A graduate of HEAR Strasbourg and ESAL-Épinal, she explores the fields of image through a wide range of media. Her work has been exhibited in many countries. In France, she has exhibited at the FRAC Alsace and the FRAC Franche-Comté, as well as in various regional museums. She also enjoys illustrating works for children.


Publication: November 2023

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