The First Ray of sun

Original Title:

Le Premier Rayon de soleil


L’Étagère du bas








ISBN: 978-2-490253-47-0

32 pages

21 x 21 - 11€

The First Ray of sunThe First Ray of sunThe First Ray of sun

The rain becomes rare : life on the farm becomes too hard for Léo’s family, who is forced to leave. All three will make a very long journey to find a new place to settle. After many days of walking, they reach a forest, which is none other than the land of birds! Touched by the courage oft he little family, they will welcome them with open arms and have a nice surprise for them…


Strong points:

-The book is a great tool to explain toddlers about difficult issues such as house moving or immigration.

-Important values are spotlighted: solidarity and respect of others.

-A soft and delicate writing, uphold by the lovely acrylic painting.


Key words: rabbit, bird, immigration, assistance, nature


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