The man with the iron jaw

Original Title:

L'homme à la mâchoire de fer


Le Grand Jardin








ISBN: 979-10-96688-35-7

32 pages

24 x 30 - 16,50€

L'homme à la mâchoire de ferL'homme à la mâchoire de ferL'homme à la mâchoire de fer

A beautiful true story that invites reader learn family history. But also a text that shows that beyond predestination, it is our choices that guide our destiny . The Man with the Iron Jaw is a beautiful autobiographical story, a story of a child, whose father carried things balanced on his teeth. A stool. A bicycle. A moped. A table. Some chairs. And me. On a very tall ladder. But the boy will not follow in his father’s footsteps, “Now I’m not an acrobat anymore. I tell stories. This one is mine and my father’s, the man with the iron jaw.” Beyond autobiography, which happily invites one to question the history of one’s family or friends, this very touching story also carries the reader into the depths of a reflection on predestination, because in this text, it is the hero’s choices that guide his destiny and not family tradition.


Publication – September 2022

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