The Storm

Original Title:

La Tempête


Le Diplodocus








ISBN: 979-10-94908-42-6

44 pages

21,5 x 27,7 - 14,50€

The StormThe StormThe Storm


In the middle of the American desert, on a small farm in the Wild West, a family suffers a spectacular storm. From a child’s point of view, we discover the thunder, the rain dripping through the roof, the wind overturning the wagon, the hailstones breaking a window… The tense family pulls together to face this ordeal until the storm subsides, leaving a muddy desert. A new playground to relax in after all that excitement.

Inspired by Miyazaki, who believes that a typhoon can become a thrilling adventure for children, this silent comic strip plunges us into a world of strong, multiple sensations.
After an excellent first picture book published at Le Diplodocus – Montre-toi Montagne ! (Show yourself, mountain!) – David Wautier once again proclaims his love of nature in a simple, intense story carried by his magnificent watercolours.


Key words: western, family, storm, climate, Wild West, silent comics


Publication: June 2024

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