To the forest, come!

Original Title:

Dans la forêt, viens


Le Grand Jardin








ISBN: 979-10-96688-33-3

32 pages

24 x 32 - 16€

in the forestin the forest

An ode to the forest, to the emotions that unfold when you walk through it and to the richness of its landscapes. A positive book, an invitation to go to the forest, to express oneself and to feel oneself to exist. Beautifully illustrated by Thanh Portal. In The forest, come is a vibrant invitation, repeated on each spread, to come and walk in the forest and to deliver there, all our emotions and our states of mind: joy, fear, relaxation, considerations… The forest becomes a mirror of our moods and our dreams, a healthy and refreshing place where we feel we exist, where we feel good. A text with a poetic rhythm that can only make every reader, young or old, want to take long walks in the forest again and again!


Publication – April 2022

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